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Employment practices liability insurance

EPLI protects against employment-related claims such as harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination. It covers alleged wrongful employment practices, including:

  • violation of any federal, state, local, or common law prohibiting any kind of employment-related discrimination;
  • harassment, abusive, or hostile work environment;
  • wrongful discharge or termination of employment; 
  • decisions that violate public policy or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or similar state or local law;
  • discrimination (including harassment) or civil rights violation against any non-employee, such as a patient or nurse employed by the hospital;
  • misuse of social media, workplace bullying, and improper use of background checks;
  • violation of any immigration practices law;
  • theft of an employee’s personally identifiable information; and
  • expense reimbursement for an employment advisor related to an acquisition; layoff/termination of 20% or more of the workforce; public announcement of harassment by an executive office; or notification that a public interest group is investigating the practice for violations of state or federal employment law. Coverage amount is $5,000.

EPLI coverage is limited to claims brought against you by or on behalf of an employee, a former employee, or by an applicant for employment. LSA’s EPLI endorsement includes EEOC complaint hearings.

As part of our EPLI coverage, policyholders also have access to information on employment and human resources issues through EPLI Pro. EPLI Pro offers webinars, workforce training, and information on creating staff handbooks and policies and procedures. (Please log in to myPortal, our members-only portal, to access EPLI Pro.)

Available limits

Limits of liability are $75,000 per claim (including both defense and indemnity payments) with a $5,000 deductible. The yearly aggregate limit is also $75,000.

Claims must be reported to LSA no later than 75 days from the date the policyholder becomes aware of the claim.

Higher limits are available for purchase.