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Claims-made policy

A claims-made policy protects you during the active policy period, usually one year. If you do not renew your claims-made policy when it expires, you no longer have coverage for any claims that may be filed in the future that are alleged to have occurred during the time your policy was in force.

Physicians who wish to continue coverage under a claims-made policy must purchase supplemental coverage, such as tail coverage or prior acts coverage. If neither tail coverage nor prior acts coverage are purchased when a claims-made policy expires, any future claims from services performed during the policy period will not be covered.

Available limits

Claims-made policies are available with the following limits. Please note, limits in excess of $500,000 require special approval by the Underwriting Department.

Each claim / All claims

$100,000 / $300,000
$200,000 / $600,000
$300,000 / $900,000
$500,000 / $1 million
$500,000 / $1.5 million
$750,000 / $1.5 million
$1 million / $3 million